Adventures of the Traveling Beer

Adventures of the Traveling Beer

This beer, originally from North Carolina, was purchased in Southwest Florida to drink at the pool. Only three of its buddies were consumed, so the traveling beer and two others made their way to Austin, TX via I-75/1-10. Then, the three beers sat in the garage for 10 days before venturing out again. This time to Minnesota! After a long drive, the beers finally got to cool off in the fridge. The beer’s remaining two buddies were consumed the next day at a surprise party. The lone beer traveled on. It arrived in Wisconsin after a beautiful drive across the state on Hwy 29. Lots of neat old farms with restored barns and old school silos. It was then refrigerated for two days. This time, a flask full of vodka was preferred while catching a couple of Twin Peaks episodes. So it was put back into the cooler for a third time and made its way down to St. Louis. After only a night, it returned to the car and made its way back to Austin. It endured many trials and tribulations including an excessive amount of trucks on 1-35 and construction in Dallas which basically lasted the rest of the trip. The next day, it was finally enjoyed (sort of). And, its image was captured beforehand in its final resting place.


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