Socialism: Imagine all companies were run like the post office and the DMV. Imagine all the long lines and the horrible customer service. There is enough bureaucracy in healthcare without Obamacare, thank you very much. Some people think conservatives don’t want this healthcare law because they’re selfish. Its not that simple! Not enough actual thought (like facts over emotion) is put into this debate. Healthcare for everyone, they [democrats] say (we already have that.. hospitals don’t turn away the uninsured). What about cancer treatments? they may say (radiation and chemo are carcinogenic don’t even get me started on that.. the cancer industry wants patients not a cure). If you like Obamacare, you are either uninformed or a proud statist (

While waiting in line at the post office, I sometimes wonder why they just disappear into the back when done with a customer. This doesn’t happen with businesses. If you disappear into the back, your boss/the owner will not allow this because IT IS BAD FOR BUSINESS! With the post office, there is no concept of this. Therefore, you will never get good customer service.

Definitely not what I want for healthcare.. or shipping.. or bread buying. #thinkaboutit

PS. Imagine no private property (no possessions). Yeah, it would be something like Soviet Russia

PPS. Imagine no borders (no counties). Say hello to a tyrannical one world government


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