The Astonishing Predictive Programming in ‘Alias’

Jay's Analysis

The many faces of Sydney Bristow. The many faces of mind controlled assassin, Sydney Bristow.

By: Jay

It’s as if we have entered some kind of time rift, with Twin Peaks, X Files, and now possibly Alias making a comeback to TV.   On top of that, The Prodigy has a new album, so I wonder if I should be heading to first period class tomorrow, as if it’s 1996.  Although Alias isn’t 90s, it seems to fit roughly in that era for me.

Reviewing the series recently, I was struck by how much real-life, predictive programming conspirana was present in the series, and should it get a reboot, we can expect a good deal more.  With that in mind, it is time for an analysis of the über conspiracy-laced J.J. Abrams classic, Alias.

Early on, as Sydney Bristow is recruited into a secretive section of what she believes is the CIA, her unit, SD-6…

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