Coercive Engineered Migration. Hungary and Europe’s Refugee Crisis

Read this article if you want the FULL story of the migrant crisis.  It has so many levels. The ones (the left mostly?) who dismiss the people trying to protect themselves from disaster are not seeing the whole picture.  The refugees are merely pawns in a battle for control over Europe.  In the article, Hungary’s Prime Minister is described as having “a national philosophy which goes against, and weakens, imperialism. It is nationalism in the sense of national liberation from neo-colonial oppression in the form of international financial institutions and the EU.”  Yet, he’s seen by many as a xenophobic, far right dictator.  If they would do their homework, people would find out that “the ‘Refugees are Welcome’ slogan and the subsequent marches in favour of immigration served US/Israeli geostrategic objectives.”  The refugees themselves don’t matter to the people who are using them to forward their objectives!  This issue is not simply caring or not caring about the refugees (95% of whom are males, by the way, between 20 and 35 years of age). That is only the surface story intended to distract, or trick, people into supporting this migration. There is evidence that US government agencies have been paying for the transfer of the refugees. If that is true, why? Political correctness has officially become tyrannical.

Click here to read article


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