Should the Feds be Policing the States?

We only had two choices last November.  I chose to vote against globalism and progressive propaganda.  Trust me, its good we stopped the cultural marxists who want government to replace the family unit.  Half of America resisted them (this is the real resistance).

Of the two choices, who to vote for seemed obvious in my opinion.  This election was too important for libertarian virtue signaling.  The country did the right thing.

That being said, I’m very concerned about Jeff Sessions, but not because of the “Russians.”  The President promised to fix the heroin epidemic.  In order to accomplish this, he hired Jeff Sessions.  But, the problem cannot be policed.

Sessions is either ignorant or corrupt in his belief that marijuana legalization is making the heroin epidemic worse, because in reality it’s completely the other way around.  Time has proven that the drug war has backfired and less government, rather than more, is what is needed here. Session’s solution will only increase addiction and fill prisons. A better way to take control of “cartels” is to legalize drugs.

The Federal government policing the states is unconstitutional.  I hope Jeff Sessions can be convinced to leave the states alone.  Government tinkering always makes things worse.


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